Discover the super soft Puppy Doki Squishies!

The stress busting Puppy Doki Squishies are sweet, soft, toy animals! You can squeeze, squash and twist them:
the Doki Puppies are very slow rising!

The collection

  • Bear

    Love your stress busting toy bear and squeeze it hard!

  • Chocolate

    Feast on chocolate with the stress busting chocolate Puppy Doki!

  • Kitty

    Love this toy cat and squeeze it as hard as you can, it is so soft!

  • Striped kitty

    Pamper the sweet kitty toy and squeeze it!

  • Hamster

    Discover the toy Puppy Doki Hamster and squeeze it as hard as you can!

  • Kitty Unicorn

    This toy unicorn lives on rainbows; jump onto the clouds with him and squeeze him as hard as you can!

  • Leopard

    Enter the savannah and squeeze the soft leopard!

  • Lying cat

    The stress busting toy cat is your new pet, squash it and squeeze it!

  • Mermaid

    Have fun with the toy Puppy Doki mermaid in the blue ocean!

  • Baby bear

    Cuddle your anti-stress bear toy and squeeze it hard!

  • Panda

    Squeeze the soft toy panda: it rises up very slowly!

  • Penguin

    The stress busting Puppy Doki penguin toy is really soft and sweet: take care of him!

  • Chick

    Discover the sweet chick of the antistress toys Puppy Doki: it is very soft!

  • Rabbit

    Have fun with this cute bunny toy: squeeze it as much as you can and take it with you everywhere!

  • Tiger

    The toy tiger is really soft and stress busting: enter his wild world and have fun!

  • Toothpaste

    Discover the fun stress busting toothpaste: squash and squeeze it, and it will always go back to normal!

  • Unicorn

    Enter the magical world of this toy unicorn: discover the Puppy Doki stress busting toys!

  • Whale

    Dive into the world of stress busting animals with the toy Puppy Doki Whale!

How to play

  • Squash them

    Squash the sweet, super soft Doki Puppies!

  • Squeeze them

    Squash them as hard as you can: they are stress busting!

  • Release your hold

    Watch them slowly rise up and go back to their original shape!

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