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Letrabots Lettere

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With this App you can have fun guessing the names of animals and the names of the Letrabots.



After clicking on the App, this screen will appear.

It’s very easy to use, just a few buttons and you’re ready to play right away.

1 – Click on TOUCH TO BEGIN and start your challenge!


2 – Click on the two side arrows to browse through the various games.

3 – WORDS: if you choose this game you have to guess the names of animals

3 – LETRABOTS: if you choose this game you have to guess the names of the LetrAnimal. The Letrabots will appear and you have to put the letters in order as quickly as possible.

Once you have made the choice you must click on it and start guessing.


4 – At the top of the screen you see the time that passes.

5 – To move the letters just click on it and drag them in the correct order

6 – If you don’t know the answer wait a few seconds. Instead of ? the word SOLUTION will appear. Click on it and the letters will move by themselves revealing the solution.

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