Discover the new Collection of 12 super funny elastic monsters and 3 Maxi-sizes!

Elastikorps ™ 2 is the new collection of 12 elastic Action Figure that can be stretched up to 3 times their original shape!
Puoi stirarli, deformali, arrotolarli, addirittura annodarli e tornano sempre come prima, basta scuoterli velocemente! Discover the 2 special characters that glow in the dark, Ghosty and Tutankhamon and don’t miss Maxi Slime, Maxi Blob and Maxi Yeti, the new maxy-size Elastikorps 24 cm tall!

The collection

  • Beasty‘s passion is hunting: he hides in the woods behind every bush to suddenly attack unsuspecting passers. What do you have to do when Beasty attacks? Surrender, there’s no way out!

  • Blob is the alien that hides in the mud and swamps, that’s why he’s brown. He loves to wallow in silence and then grab the rain boots of passers with his stretchable arms to take them with him in the sewer.

  • Dr Smile

    His name is Dr Smile, but certainly there is no smile on the faces of his victims: Dr Smile is despicable, super stretchable enough to join you in the other room!

  • Drakula

    Drakula is the most famous vampire of Transylvania, but he loves to bring his terror aboard. Every part of Drakula is stretchable: even his teeth stretch to the maximum to reach the neck of its enemies who have no escape!

  • Fishball

    Sporticus teammate, Fishball is as big as scary and he is very fast to catch his prey with his stretchable arms!


    Those who are not afraid of clowns, never met Ghosty: he loves to hide in the darkest corners, to glow and attract the attention of the unlucky people then squeeze them into his gummy arms.

  • Moko is Maxi Blob’s pupil. He is still small, but he is learning from the best and he’s already an experienced monster: he knows how to scare and how to stretch his body in the shortest time possibile. One day will the student surpass the teacher?

  • Mummificator

    Mummificator is the scary stretchable mummy that infests all the pyramids: he always fight with Tutankhamon to be the scariest mummy! To be honest, it’s not easy to decide: they both are super bad!

  • Sporticus is the most competitive Elastikorps of all: every day it’s a challenge for him to who stretches more, to who comes back as before first and to who can scare more children… and he never loses!



    Tutankhamon was a famous and powerful Egyptian king and, now that he is mummified, he developed a difficult and angry temper: he managed to escape from the pyramid thanks to his ability to glow in the dark and he escaped with his stretchable legs. Now he is free to scare anyone who crosses his path.

  • Vlady is the least famous cousin of Drakula, but not less fearsome: he is red with anger because everyone underestimates him compared to Drakula and this makes him even more evil… Be careful not to mention the cousin in front of him, his teeth leave no escape!

  • Wolfman

    Born as a simple wolf, Wolfman became huge, elastic and angry because of a life spent in captivity: now he can’t stay a minute without wringing into his arms something (or someone) and bite him!

  • Maxi Blob

    Maxi Blob is the super gummy and huge green alien who loves to live in the dark corners of the streets to blend in with weeds and waste, but he is so big that it’s impossible not to see him!

  • Maxi Slime

    Maxi Slime was once green as Maxi Blob, but he decided to renew his style to look more fashionable… pity that his monstrous character, his huge size and his bad temper don’t make him a desirable meeting.

  • Maxi Yeti

    Maxi Yeti is the undisputed boss of the valleys of the Himalayas: he is the biggest and the most ferocious with his super stretchable arms! When particularly trained, he can reach miles away!

Collect them all online

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How to play

  • Stretch them!

    Stretch their arms and legs in every direction and triple their original length! 

  • Shape them!

    Knot the Elastikorps ™ and shape them as you want! Their sandy content makes them soft and malleable!

  • Shake them!

    Shake the Elastikorps ™ and make them come back as before!

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