Discover the new collection: 12 new monsters and 4 maxi sizes!

Elastikorps ™ 3 is the new collection of 12 elastic Action Figures that can be strengthen up to three times their originale shape!
You can stretch them, shape them, even knot them and they always come back as before: you just need to shake them fast! Discover the 2 special ones that glow in the dark, Ghosty and Tutankhamon, the 2 special Gold & Silver and Cybork and don’t miss Maxy King, Maxy Zilla, Maxy Godzy and Maxy Kimba glow in the dark, the new maxi size Elastikorps 24 cm tall!

The collection

  • Akenaton

    Akenaton is one of the wisest advisors of the pharaoh Tutankhamun; he’s the one who designs the traps to be inserted into the pyramids and with his super extendable legs manages to reach up to the tip.



    Cybork is the elastic robot created in laboratory, which rebelled against its masters and now roams free in search of victims to be crushed. Cybork is one of the two special characters GOLD & SILVER: it’s silver!

  • Drone

    Drone is the super robot extendable semi-transparent, which thanks to this feature, manages to go unnoticed and then grab passers-by even meters away.



    Ghost is the ghost who crawls through the halls to scare people. He likes to attract his victims by slipping into a dark room and lighting up with his glow in the dark power.

  • Godzy

    Godzy is Zilla’s best friend, but he’s completely different from him. Despite appearing aggressive and scary, Godzy is actually affable and friendly and uses her elasticity only to grab distant objects. Godzy only becomes bad if someone hurts Zilla: in that case, he throws deadly punches!

  • GOLD


    Gold-Ra is the brother of Akenaton, who is also his best friend. Together they enjoy frightening all the thieves who try to enter the pyramids to steal their treasures.

  • Hulkenstein

    Hulkenstein is the perfect mix between the mighty Hulk and the scary Frankenstein! It is green and muscular and with its strong arms it catches all the enemies and crushes them.



    Kimba is the albino lion that, seen its pale colour, lights up in the dark and makes their friends’ way in the night when they go hunting.

  • Lion is the ferocious extendable lion who grabs gazelles using only one leg. He is the king of the jungle and no one dares to challenge him.

  • Mask is Ghost’s sworn enemy: every time they see each other they try to tear off each other’s sheets with their stretched arms.

  • Rulko

    Rulko is the cousin of Hulkenstein but they don’t get along very well: they are always in competition and this does nothing but turn on their colors. The family dinners with them are never quiet: especially because both steal food from others with their long arms!

  • Zilla

    Zilla is the lizard that scares all cities. He enjoys lengthening his tail and tripping people and then wringing his arms around their body.


    Maxy Godzy

    Maxy Godzy is the red lizard always angry that destroys everything he finds with his weight.


    Maxy Kimba

    Maxy Kimba is the only maxi-size elastic monster that can light up in the dark. This makes it invincible and feared by everyone!


    Maxy King

    Maxy King is one of the giant monkeys: he is big, purple and angry and is so heavy that he fights against enemies sitting on it.


    Maxy Zilla

    Maxy Zilla is Zilla’s father: he is mean and gigantic and with his extendable tail he crushes anyone he meets.

Buy them online

Buy the Elastikorps ™ 3 online now! Don’t miss the maxi size characters, exclusively sold online.

How to play

  • Stretch them!

    Pull legs and arms of the Elastikorps 3 ™ in all directions and triple their length!

  • Shape them!

    Tie the Elastikorps 3 ™ and shape them however you want! Their sandy content makes them soft and malleable!

  • Lengthen them!

    You can stretch the Elastikorps 3 ™ up to 3 times their original shape!

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