Adopt all the sweet
Pop Star Bon Bons

The Pop Star Bon Bons are tender soft toys that hide a powerful secret: find out by stroking them, their sequins change colour with the effect reverse paillettes! Unicorn puppet, glittery kittens: every Bon Bons is sweet and shiny!

The collection

  • Fast Unicorn | Invincibility

    Fast Unicorn is sparkly and invincible: the most beautiful unicorn in the enchanted forest! Adopt the toy unicorn and discover the reverse sequins!

  • Fast Unicorn | Speed

    Fast Unicorn is the toy unicorn that lives in rainbows and jumps fast from cloud to another! Try to catch him to discover his hidden power!

  • Free Bunny | Freedom

    There is nothing better than having the freedom to jump about here and there for Free Bunny, the soft toy rabbit. Discover his reverse sequins caressing him… if you can catch him!

  • Free Bunny | Happiness

    Free Bunny is the picture of happiness! Adopt him and have fun with his reversible sequins!

  • Love Doggy | Friendship

    Friends are worth their weight in gold! Adopt Love Doggy and his glittery animal friends!

  • Love Doggy | Love

    Love Doggy is a toy dog that will give you reciprocal unconditional love! Adopt him and caress him to discover his hidden power!

  • Luky Panda | Luck

    Luky Panda is the sweet panda toy who will bring you good luck, take him everywhere! His reverse sequins make him change color!

  • Luky Panda | Protection

    With Luky Panda you are always safe! Stroke his reversible sequins and watch it change color magically!

  • Magic Coccò | Intuition

    Nothing escapes Magic Coccò, master of intuition! Adopt the toy owl and discover his hidden power!

  • Magic Coccò | Magic

    Magic Coccò is a magic owl that lives in the enchanted forest! Discover its reversible sequins!

  • Sing Pio | Dance

    Have fun dancing with Sing Pio, the soft toy with reversible sequins!

  • Sing Pio | Intonation

    Sing Pio will always keep you company with perfect notes! Adopt him along with the other glittery animals!

  • Vip Piggy | Fame

    Vip Piggy is the soft VIP pig: Very Important Pig! Caress him and discover the reverse sequins!

  • Vip Piggy | Success

    Vip Piggy is a soft successful pig, he has gone from rags to riches! Caress him and watch him change color with the reverse sequins!

  • Wow Kitty | Beauty

    Wow Kitty is the perfect toy cat: sweet and beautiful such as all of her glittery kitty friends!

  • Wow Kitty | Elegance

    Wow Kitty is a beautiful black cat that represents elegance. Take the glittery cats with you everywhere and you will always be at your best!


Discover Bon Bon’s hidden power collect them all!

How to play

  • Adopt them

    Adopt your favourite Bon bon and fill in his ID card!

  • Caress them

    Caress the Bon bons to see them change colour and find out their hidden power!

  • Take them with you everywhere

    The Bon Bons need you: take them everywhere with you so they will never feel lonely.

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