Discover the new HeroPop collection with 12 elastic action figures and 4 MAXY Size figures!

Elastikorps™ HeroPop is a collection of 12 squishable, stretchable, and velvety-touch characters.
Deform them to create funny expressions, use them as stress relievers, and… have fun making them POP by squishing them on the floor! Challenge your friends to the most entertaining POP or target-shooting game!

Discover the Normal Size figures, 10 cm tall, featuring Gold, Silver, and Glow in the Dark characters, and don’t miss out on the 4 HeroPOP Maxy Size figures, 16 cm tall!

The collection

Glow in the Dark

Gold & Silver



Discover the super fun CornHole!
Challenge your friends to target shooting with your Elastikorps HeroPOP!
  • CornHole

    The box contains a wooden CornHole (60.5 x 41.5 cm) and 2 surprise HeroPOP Normal Size Elastikorps to start to hit the hole!

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Collect all the Elastikorps™ HeroPop figures!

How to play

  • Shape them!

    Deform the Elastikorps HeroPop™ figures to create funny expressions or use them as stress relievers! Their sandy content makes them soft and pliable.

  • Stretch them!

    Stretch the Elastikorps HeroPop™ in all directions and triple their length!

  • Make POP!

    Have fun making them POP with the Elastikorps HeroPop™ by squishing them on the ground! Challenge your friends to the most amusing POP or target-shooting game!

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