Discover the new collection of 17 fun elastic monsters and 5 Maxi Size!

Elastikorps ™ 4 is the new collection of 17 Action Figures elastic and extendable 3 times their original shape!
You can stretch, deform, roll, even knot them and they always come back as before, just shake them quickly! Discover the 6 special lights in the dark, the 2 special Gold & Silver, the 3 special Transparent and do not miss Maxy Ice, Maxy Crokko, Maxy Indigo, Maxy Bulko and Maxy Frozilla, the new Elastikorps maxi size 24 cm high that they glow in the dark!

The collection

  • Cornelius

    Cornelius is the mean and ruthless purple rhinoceros: his hobby is to give elastic punches to anyone he meets!

  • Crokko

    Crokko is the elastic crocodile who lives in the waterways of the cities to grab his victims with an elastic arm without even getting out of the water!

  • Malkut

    Malkut is the brother of Coccorito but he has not a shred of his talent. On the other hand, however, he is much more scary and bad!

  • Momo

    Momo is the red chimpanzee that scares the zoos: he pretends to be a normal mokey but then grabs everyone through the bars with his elastic arms!

  • Mr. Dalì

    Mr. Dalì is Mr. K’s cousin, who to compensate for the fact that he doesn’t glow in the dark, has become even more ruthless in crushing his victims!

  • Ninja

    Ninja is the Japanese spy on a mission: he is fast and super trained, it is difficult to escape his clutches!



    Ligakorp is the powerful crocodile of the Elastikorps 4: his strong and elastic arms can crush anything and he lights up in the dark!


    Mr. K

    Mr. K is one of the monsters of Elastikorps 4 in disguise. No one knows what is hidden under his mask, but one thing is certain: he does not like that you touch his mustache and shows all his anger by squeezing the next!



    Necromantus is a powerful monstrous sorcerer, who under the guise of revealing the future of people, lures them into his lair and squeezes them with his elastic arms. Never trust a warlock!



    Rynoborg is the rhinoceros that for an accident in the laboratory has become super muscular, very bad and radioactive. The blue of his elastic skin glows in the dark when he is angry!

  • GOLD

    Gold Mercurius

    Gold Mercurius is the golden elastic monster: thanks to his sparkling color, his attracts all his victims and then incorporates them with his gummy limbs!



    Rynobot is the transparent rhinoceros that comes from another unknown planet; he arrived on Earth visiting and decided not to leave it because crushing people with his long arms gives him an incomparable joy!



    Fluor is the fluorescent elastic monster who knows how to make himself transparent to hide from the eyes of his victims and then tend scary ambushes.



    Gator is the orange and transparent crocodile that scares all waterways: be careful to stay too close to rivers and ponds, Gator may appear and grab you before you can even say “Elastikorps”!



    Iceberg is a hibernated sorcerer who lived thousands of years ago. He only recently woke up to crush someone. His transparent cloak makes him a fearsome and unexpected enemy!

  • Maxy Bulko

    Maxy Bulko is the most powerful of the Elastikorps 4: his arms are strong and elastic!

  • Maxy Crokko

    Maxy Crokko is the 2 kg crocodile that roams the swamps and lights up to attract its victims!

  • Maxy Frozilla

    Maxy Frozilla is the ice monster who smashes everything with his monstrous weight and grabs the passers-by with his super extendable arms! And he glows in the dark!

  • Maxy Ice

    Maxy Ice is the ice monkey that loves to live in the cold. He is very heavy and gigantic and especially…he glows in the dark!

  • Maxy Indigo

    Maxy Indigo is the scary purple ghost: he is giant and glows in the dark!

Buy them online

Buy now Elastikorps ™ 4 online! Do not miss the Maxi Size exclusive on the online shop!

How to play

  • Stretch them!

    Stretch arms and legs of the Elastikorps 4 ™ in every direction and triple their length!

  • Shape them!

    Knot the Elastikorps 4 ™ and shape them as you want! Their sandy content makes them malleable!

  • Shake them!

    If you shake the Elastikorps 4 ™ they come back to their original shape!

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