Spinny Teen Titans Go: 5 fun spinning tops to take with you everywhere!

Spinny Teen Titans Go are the incredible spinning tops for your wrist from the fantastic Teen Titans. Take them wherever you go and challenge your friends at any time, prepare yourself for incredible spinning battles with their superhero Spinny Justice League cousins!

The collection

  • Beast Boy

    B.B can turn into any animal and must always be connected to Mother Nature! Launch your Spinny into nature and make it spin really fast!

  • Cyborg

    Cyborg is 99% robot and 1% human. His mechanical powers make him spin round really fast in the challenges with the other Spinny spinning tops!

  • Raven

    Raven is the Spinny spinning top that is half demon and who fights with her magic powers!

  • Robin

    Robin is the founder of the Teen Titans and so the head of the spinning top toys! He doesn’t have any powers but he is a genius and great at martial arts.

  • Starfire

    Starfire is the princess of the Spinny spinning tops: she has superhuman strength and launches green bolts when she is angry.

How to play

  • Challenge your friends!

    Make your Spinny spin around at top speed and win battles with the other Teen Titans!

  • Make them spin!

    Position your Teen Titans on the ring and make him spin round fast!

  • Make them speed along!

    Launch your Spinnies at top speed! Who will arrive first?

  • Stack them!

    Put one Spinny on top of another, create a chain of Spinnies and make them spin round fast!

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