Discover the collection of 14 slime!

The Supermarket Slime Food are 14 slimes different in color, perfume and tactility! Compose the product as on the package or mix them to create a custom slime!

The collection

  • Butter slime is not made of peanut butter but it really looks like it! It’s soft and decorated with polystyrene balls that look like peanuts.

  • Clay is the slime soft and super malleable! It smells like sweet chocolate and you can manipulate it to achieve what you want whenever you want!

  • Cotton is irresistible! To the touch it is sandy and malleable! It smells of mint and with chocolate decorations it is perfect!

  • Crystal is the jelly slime that like real jam, is semi transparent and glitters add a magic touch!

  • Fizz Slime is composed of two green and red gelatinous slimes; it is malleable and decorated with mini mint leaves and black seeds.

  • Fizz is semi-transparent and gelatinous to the touch. The pink Fizz is decorated with colored codette, the blue one with jelly bears!

  • Fluffy slime, soft as a cloud, is fragrant and malleable! Mix it with colorful cereals!

  • Super transparent crystalline slime, enriched with glitter and sparkling gems! Its scent is very sweet and honey-like!

  • Glossy is a gelatinous and super malleable slime: its texture is pleasant and with Smarties decorations it’s irresistible!

  • The slime Jelly sauce is liquid and malleable and, adding the seeds, its texture becomes unique and very pleasant!

  • Pearl Fluffy Crystal Slime

    Like a real milkshake, the password is to mix! 3 super fluffy and fragrant slimes, milky white, pearl pink and jelly Crystal!

  • The slime Sand is super pleasant to the touch: it slips between your fingers like real sand and smells of chocolate!

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How to play

  • Decorate them

    Slime Food have different decorations to complete the recipes!

  • Play with them

    Try the different Slime Food: they all have a different texture!

  • Compose them

    Compose the product represented on the package or model and mix to your liking to create a custom slime!

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