Discover the 12 super funny elastic monsters and the 2 Maxy-sizes!

Elastikorps ™ is a collection of 12 elastic Action Figures that can be stretched up to 3 times their original shape! You can stretch them, deform them, roll them, even knot them and they always come back as before, you just need to shake it quickly! Discover the 2 special characters that glow in the dark Visitor and Jolly Roger and don’t miss Maxi Gollo, Maxi Gotan, Maxi Baba and Maxi Kong, the maxy-size Elastikorps 24 cm tall!

The collection

  • Baba is the elastic toy that scares every zoo. He likes to pretend to be asleep in the zoo just to stretch suddenly his arms to catch children. Nobody can stop him, since he blends in the other chimpanzees.

  • Coyote

    Wolfy is the boss of his pack of werewolves. The werewolf enjoys hiding in the woods behind the trees and chasing his victims for hours int he moonlight before biting them.

  • Jolly Roger

    Jolly Roger is Red Bone’s sworn enemy! As Red Bone, he’s a zombie pirate captain and he wants to be the scariest elastic monster of the sea. This is why he learnt to glow in the dark.

  • Lord Slimer

    Lord Slimer is aliens’ leader in the fight against monsters. He wanders around the planet and attacks all the elastic monsters by slipping underneath the doors while they’re sleeping.

  • Magog

    Magog is a radioactive chimpanzee and he’s 5 times stronger and 33 times meaner than normal chimpanzees. He enjoys scaring children and he’s always in search of fights with other elastic monsters to prove his strength.

  • Mumut

    Mamut is Rubigor’s brother and he lives in the highest mountain. As opposed to his brother, Mumut is extremely clean and, after a belly-full of skiers, he runs to wash himself in icy streams.

  • Red bone

    Red Bone is a zombie pirate captain who drowned in he sea more than 300 years ago. The embarrassment for his tragic end made him angry and mean and for 300 years he has been assaulting every boat that sails his waters.

  • Rubigor

    Rubigor is a giant hairy monster who knocks everyone out with his intense stink! He lives in big towns’ suburbs and loves being hidden in dumpsters in the trash with other elastic monsters.

  • Visitor

    Visitor is an alien on an exploration mission on Earth to then conquer it in the fight between aliens and monsters. While searching for humans’ weaknesses, he enjoys scaring them to death. Usually, he hides in children’s wardrobes and he attracts them by glowing in the dark.

  • Wolfy

    Wolfy is part of the scariest werewolves’ pack of the world! His blue hair allows him to blend in with the lakes’ water, his favorite hunting ground.

  • Yago is Yaya’s brother; born in the mountain, he preferred moving to the city, where at night he can slip underneath children’s beds and gathers all of his monster friends. He stays in town just for one or two days, just enough time to scary the whole population.

  • Yaya is a terrible elastic monster who loves the snow, where he hides to explorers’ sight to then attack them suddenly. People says he has been scaring mountain villages and tourist for about years.

  • Maxi Gollo

    Maxi Gollo is one of the biggest chimpanzee of the whole planet: he’s blue and that doesn’t help bend in forests, but it compensates with its brute force!

  • Maxi Gotan

    Maxi Gotan is Maxi Gollo’s sworn enemy; he’s really irascible and this is why he’s so red.

  • Maxi Kong

    Maxi Kong is one of the 4 Maxy Size, he weighs 2 kg and is 24 cm tall! He’s in constant struggle against Maxi Baba for the control on his territory and his secret weapons are his strong fists!

  • Maxy Baba

    Maxi Baba is, as Maxi Kong, the biggest of the Elastikorps. He loves showing his strength and his secret move is crush his enemies with his super arms.

Collect them all!

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How to play

  • Stretch them!

    Stretch their arms and legs in every direction and triple their original length! 

  • Shape them!

    Knot the Elastikorps ™ and shape them as you want! Their sandy content makes them soft and malleable. 

  • Shake them!

    Shake the Elastikorps ™ and make them come back as before!

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