Marvel – Puniz Squishy Battle

The Puniz Squishy Battle are 12 soft colourful Marvel characters. Have fun squashing them and watch the slow rising effect!

The collection

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther is a mutated human with the strength, speed and senses of a panther! Squash it and challenge the other slow rising squishies like him!

  • Black Widow

    Squash Black Widow, the Russian Secret Services spy and fight alongside the squishies collection!

  • Captain America

    Captain America is a super soldier with super powers, including the slow rising effect! Live through incredible adventures alongside the squishy toys!

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange is a witchdoctor that can tele transport himself and fly thanks to his powers. Challenge the other superheroes with the slow rising effect!

  • Groot

    Groot Marvel is a giant sentient tree from the squishy collection who comes from planet X!

  • Marvel Hulk was a scientist who had an atomic accident in his lab; he is green, gigantic and very strong! Squash him to defeat your squishy enemies!

  • Iron Man

    Marvel Iron Man is a genius and he built his armour that he now uses to fly and shoot and he uses the slow rising effect to defeat his enemies!

  • Miles Morales

    Miles Morales is one of the squishy characters collection and he has the same abilities as spiderman as well as a shared history.

  • Rocket Raccoon

    Rocket Marvel is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he comes form the half world, where genetically modified animals, like him live. He is part of the squishies collection!

  • Spider-Man

    Spiderman is the superhero of the squishy toys, he is agile and fast, he never gets tired and he can stick to anything thanks to his spiderwebs.

  • Thor Marvel is a semi-God, the son of the powerful Odino and he is invincible when he holds his hammer Mjolnir!

  • Venom

    Squash the slow rising Venom squishy, the alien parasite that is immune to Spiderman’s poison and spider sense!


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How to play

Watch the Marvel Puniz Squishy Battle rules and challenge your friends with the super-soft superheroes!

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