7 modular Puzzle Palz collection

The Marvel Avengers is a group of Superheroes with different powers and abilities, at our service to destroy the evil powers!
Discover Ant Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos and Thor!

The collection

  • Ant Man

    Collect the Avengers games with Ant Man, the scientist who becomes as small as an ant, and can grow back whenever he wants!

  • Black Widow

    Assemble the 3D rubber Black Widow, the Russian secret services spy and fight alongside the Puzzle Avengers!

  • Captain America

    Assemble the pieces of the Avengers Captain America puzzle, the super soldier with super powers ready to fight his enemies.


  • Assemble the pieces of the Hulk Avengers toy, the ex scientist who when he gets angry or stressed out turns green, huge and super powerful.

  • Iron Man

    Assemble the Avengers Iron Man toy, the genius that created his armour that he uses to fly and shoot with.

  • Thanos

    Assemble the rubber Thanos in Avengers, the immortal and powerful titan and challenge the other Avengers toys.

  • Assemble Thor Avengers 3D, the semi-God with powers hidden in his hammer Mjolnir.


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